Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Best Part of Winter

My husband loves to talk about the seasons and which ones are his favorites and where we'll retire to someday. For a long time he was all for moving somewhere warm, namely Florida. He loves the summer and thought the idea of warm weather all year round sounded great. I wasn't so sure. I'm a fall kind of girl and I don't want hot all the time.
Fast forward a couple of years and a couple of horrifically hot and humid New York summers.  All of a sudden, my warm weather guy wasn't so sure he wanted heat all the time. So then it was North Carolina--warm and pleasant and generally mild, with a touch of each season.
Then Gia came along and we started our yearly fall traditions like apple picking, making apple pie and apple sauce, visiting the farm, and going pumpkin picking.  And suddenly he was all about fall. I love the fall, so I was right there with him.
And then, you guessed it, winter came and now he loves winter. Before we had this awful cold spell (hello, 10 degrees!) he was even talking about moving to Vermont! Over my dead body, honey. "I like winter," he said. "It's cozy in the house and the snow looks nice outside. AND, we go on warm weather vacations!"
So wait, you like the winter because it's warm inside and we get to go on Caribbean beach vacations? I nearly peed my pants from laughing so hard. That's not really great criteria for liking winter, now is it? What about sleigh rides, making snowmen with Gia, hot chocolate, nights by the fireplace, and all those yummy winter dinner recipes you love so much...?  Nope. He picks all the things that have to do with being warm.
So later in the week we're off to St. Thomas with my family. 
For my husband's favorite part of winter.
This is actually a picture of St. John from our babymoon in 2010. It's Trunk Bay -- supposedly where the Corona commercials are filmed. St. John is just a ferry ride away, so my husband and I will be visiting there alone, as our early Valentine's celebration.
I have a few great posts planned while we're away, so check back for those. And, of course there will be one, or maybe two or three, amazingly cute beach pictures of my little water baby. She can't wait to "go on the big airplane to the warm beach". Neither can I Gia, neither can I.

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