Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Not so WW: Who does Gia look like?

One of the questions I'm asked most about Gia is where she got her curly hair. The short answer is: me. But, Jon has super thick, somewhat wavy hair too. So while it's probably mostly from me, he had a hand in it too.
In general, people tend to think Gia looks like me. The same thing happens with me and my mom. People say we look alike all the time. My mom and I are both petite, dark haired women, and we certainly have the same mannerisms. So, yes, there are major similarities but, in reality, I have many more features from my dad. I think the same thing happens when people see me and Gia. They see one thing that looks like me and, because she's a girl, they tend to see all me. I think there's more Jon though!
So, for Wordless Wednesday, I'll let you decide.
Jon at age 3:
Me at age 3:
Gia, nearly 3:
And, a side by side:
So, what do you think?
PS. I just showed Gia the side-by-side pictures. I pointed to Jon and asked "Who is this?" Her answer: a boy! I told her it was daddy when he was a baby and she smiled. When I pointed to my baby picture she said, "That's ME!"  So I guess she thinks we look a like too! 


  1. She is a spittin' image of you (no doubt)! It's a little scary ;o) You guys look like twins! So adorable! Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday :o)

  2. She is totally your little twin, 100%!! :-)


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