Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tiny Dancer

Now that Gia's 3 there are so many more activities she can do. We signed her up for pee-wee soccer on Saturday mornings (post on that coming soon!) and I was hoping to sign her up for dance. But, with Nicholas's arrival, I was worried about scheduling too much. I knew it would be tough for me to get her to and from activities with a newborn. So, I never did anything about dancing school and then it was too late. The 3-year-old class was filled. 
Then one day at the end of September a friend of mine called to tell me the dancing school I wanted to send Gia to was starting a new 3-year-old class on Fridays, and it wasn't starting until November. She wanted to know if we'd be interested. Without hesitation I said yes. It was perfect. Gia wouldn't be joining a class already in progress, she'd know someone in the class and Jon would be around for the first few weeks to get her there.
Before I had Nicholas, I took Gia to a dance clothing store and we picked out two pretty leotards, tights and had her fitted for ballet shoes. She was in heaven checking out all the pretty things in the store. After that she kept asking when dancing school was going to start. I had to keep reminding her that didn't start until after Halloween. It must have seemed like an eternity to my excited little ballerina.
Friday was her first class. In true Gia fashion, she was SO excited. My mom came over and helped her get into her leotard and tights. She even let my mom do her hair.
My mom and I took her to class. First we went into the dressing area and took of her shoes and put on her ballet shoes. Gia met her teacher Miss Morgan, and then they went into Studio C. Can you tell she was excited?!

My mom and I sat in the waiting room, watching her on the little tv screen they have of the dance studio. It was so adorable. There were only 2 other little girls there, so it was kind of like a semi-private ballet lesson. They did a few warm up stretches, played with ribbon wands, did some ballet leaps and then started to practice first position. They were all so good--they listened, took turns and really looked like they were having fun.

45 minutes later, out came my little dancing girl. She had a blast. She loves her teacher and she loves being a big girl who goes to dancing school. 

When we came home she ran right to Jon and told him that she had so much fun at dancing school. "I'm a ballerina now, Daddy," she told him.

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