Monday, December 16, 2013

So You Think You Can Dance?

Gia has been having a blast every week at dance class. She loves everything about it, from the pretty ballerina outfits to the physcial part, to the fact that my mom comes over almost ever week to take her. (The waiting room at the dancing school is so tiny and very hot, making it impossible to take Nicholas. So when my husband is working 4pm-12am, my mom takes Gia and I stay home with Nicholas.)
 This week was observation week & two family members were allowed into class with Gia to watch and take pictures.  Hubby was working till 4, so my mom and I both planned to go and leave the boys at home.

Well, as is usually the case when I have something important planned, he got stuck at work. So, I gave Gia the choice about who would accompany her to dance and she picked Yadi. Armed with cameras and phones, off they went.

Before I post a peek into dance class, let me just say the class is called 'Creative Movement'. They do 'real' ballet throughout the class... 
and lots fun movement games

and even a little Freeze Dance!

When we signed Gia up for dance and soccer, I thought she'd love soccer and think dance was ok.  Well, it's the total opposite & I'm shocked and so happy (because, ya know, dance was approximately 11 times more expensive...)! She loves dance class so much!

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