Saturday, November 3, 2012

Conversations with a 2 year old

It's no surprise to any one that knows me or Jon that our daughter loves to talk. We both talk quite a bit, so it was sort of natural that Gia would be the same.

She's been stringing together sentences for a while now, but as she gets older we have longer conversations. And, she comes up with the funniest things to say. Here are a few from the past few months in our house.

1. On the way home from food shopping, where we'd purchased strawberries:
Me: What do you want for dinner? Chicken or rona-mac (aka macaroni)?
Gia: What about the strawberries? I want straaaaaawberries!

2. Jon putting Gia to bed right after mowing the lawn (he was still wearing his grassy sneakers):
Gia: Daddy, lay down.
Jon: No Gia, it's bed time. You need to go to sleep.
Gia: Daddy, lay down.
Jon: I can't lay in your bed with you because my feet are dirty. I don't want to get your bed all dirty. Go to sleep, ok?
Gia: Daddy, wash your feet. Then lay down!

3. After nap time the other day Gia & I hung Minnie Mouse decal stickers on the back of her bedroom door. She LOVES them and was so excited to show Jon, but he had left for work while she was napping, which she didn't realize. I told her that she could show him the following morning. Here's the convo from the next morning:
Gia: I'm going upstairs!  
Me: Why do you need to go upstairs? 
:::footsteps::: as she stomps up there
Gia: Mommy!  I'm upstairs! Come up!
Me: Why are you up there Gia?
Gia: Mommy, I show Daddy my new stickers.  DADDY! Come up to my roooooom!

4. Gia's new favorite sayings: "Oh my!" and "Oh man!"

5. Me: Gia what do you want for breakfast?
Gia: Cheeries (aka cheerios)!!  In an orange bowl!
Me: Ok.
Gia: yellow spoon, Mommy!


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